Jorgie Viento is a mystical creature brought into this earth around the hills of Puerto Rico. As an early child he was moving around from the U.S.A. to Puerto Rico quite a lot; like many other boricuas he was also exposed to lots of musical diversity and culture, planting a seed of creative inspiration that still resonates around him.

His first creative bursts came in the form of dancing to the rhythms of breakdance, electroboogie, salsa, hip-hop & rock’n’roll while he also would beatbox and draw quite a lot, it wasn’t until the age of 16 when he finally picked up the guitar after watching “Sol d’Menta’s” guitarist perform Puerto Rico’s national anthem a la Jimi Hendrix, that his musical journey began. He started his first band immediately and played in all kinds of rock, latin and metal projects.

Through all this he was dealing with lots of anxiety and depression, and it wasn’t until he received his first acoustic song “Alma Acústica”(also the name of his 2011 E.P.) that he saw that there was a way to heal and move forward through music. Through the years he kept receiving “channeled songs” and began to travel and perform them in different open mics and venues across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia & Ukraine.

His artistic catalog comes in many forms of expression. When in Puerto Rico he forms part of a Musical/Poetic/Theatrical ensamble known as “InVerso”. In Saint Petersburg, Russia he collaborates as a “Vocal Acrobat” for the afrobeat/jazz collective “Kenako”. In New York City he is a founding member of “The Artist Collective” a grassroots non-profit foundation based on the arts. While he also draws, creates digital art, and has a spanglish podcast (Radio MЭM) with artist interviews, musical reviews, spiritual introspection, talks about life’s up and down’s

and current struggles and solutions.

His main project is “Viento” which are the songs that he has channeled through the years and function as medicine for the soul. It seems that he has now found a way to connect within and tap into the universal source of all creation, which he shares with all those he encounters.